Where can I follow Bleacher Report on Twitter?

Here at Bleacher Report, we believe in the power of 140 characters! We have a wide variety of different twitter accounts to suit every kind of fan.

- B/R's main twitter account: twitter.com/BleacherReport

- B/R UK's Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BR_UK

- B/R AUS's Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BR_AUS

- B/R's NFL Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BR_NFL

- B/R's College Football Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BR_CFB

- B/R's NBA Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BR_NBA

- B/R's College Basketball Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BR_CBB

- B/R's Soccer Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BR_Football

- B/R's WWE Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BR_WWE

- B/R's MMA Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BR_MMA

- B/R's MLB Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BR_MLB

- B/R's NHL Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BR_NHL

- B/R's NASCAR Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BR_NASCAR

- B/R's Golf Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BR_Golf

- B/R's Tennis Twitter account: https://twitter.com/BR_Tennis

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